10 Mindset Rules For Being A Big Impact PT

Welcome to the PT Business Gym and to the world of Fitness Business Impact. My name’s Yvette (A.K.A The Fitness Business Impact Coach) and I work with personal trainers and health and fitness coaches – lots and lots of brilliant, talented, passionate, gutsy personal trainers. Most of the time they don’t even know how talented and brilliant they are. They know they want to have a bigger impact and make their mark in the health and fitness world but they don’t know quite where to begin or how to take things to the next level. Often they question whether, as a PT, they really can have the business success they want along with the lifestyle they desire.  But in amongst all of that doubt they are determined to make it work; determined to make a difference. Sound familiar?

Now’s the time to step up and start the journey towards Fitness Business Impact and so I want to share with you my 10 Mindset Rules For Big Impact PTs because the way you think and the mind-set you bring to this challenge determines everything. Before you even get to the practical steps for building your big impact fitness business, you need to prepare your mind for success.


1 – Dare to Dream Big and Share It

All great achievements started as dreams – no matter how big or small. A thought or an idea that grew until it became.  So what does having a big impact look like for you? What are the things you’d be doing that you barely dare to consider, never mind say out loud, because it seems too unrealistic; even crazy! What life would you be living that seems so incredible that you wonder if anyone deserves to live it? What is the impact you’d love to have and the difference you’d love to make though you’re not yet sure how it’s possible? Whatever these things are for you, you need to start by imagining it and creating your vision because that’s the beginning of having it.  And don’t keep it to yourself. Dreams kept secret usually remain nothing but dreams. Share it with someone you trust, someone who can hold that vision for you whilst you get on with the day to day work of making it happen.

2 – Make a Commitment

Once you’ve dreamed big, you have to make a commitment to your vision and to yourself. A commitment made in concrete rather than in sand. Nobody else is going to make your business dreams (and your life aspirations) a reality. This is your journey, you’re in the driving seat and it’s up to you. Of course you’ll meet and connect with some amazing people along the way; people who will cheer you on, support, help and guide you, maybe even contribute to your business in some way but nobody can do it for you.  So make a real commitment to be in this for the long haul, to be your own biggest supporter, your own best friend, every step of the way, in good times and especially when the going gets tough!

3 – Develop Your Armour

If you take risks, sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. As you set about building a big impact fitness business you’re going to attract some of your biggest fans along with your harsh critics. It goes with the territory and you have to be prepared to handle losses as well as wins; get used to people saying no as well as yes. If you’re going to have a big impact business, then it’s time to let go of needing to be liked and fearing being judged. Instead you must focus on your vision, and keep moving towards it with passion and integrity. Some will love you for it, others won’t, so what!

How you handle the failures, the losses, and the no’s will be the true measure of how successful you ultimately become. Trust in your resilience; that your inner strength will be revealed when it’s most needed.

4 – Stretch!

Start doing things that stretch you – that create that feeling of exciting and scary – that make your heart beat a little faster. Know that your fears and that inner critic will chatter away inside your head. That’s ok, it’s normal and it’s just your ego trying to protect you from things that seem scary or uncomfortable. When you hear this voice, see it for what it is and turn the volume down. When you stretch yourself and you stretch your comfort zone, you’ll quickly discover that there’s nothing you can’t handle and how easily you’re able to conquer your fears.

5 -Be Ready Now and Play Full Out

I know you have high standards and you demand and expect a lot of yourself. You’re possibly your own worst critic, finding fault and finding reasons why you’re not ready yet. You think you can be more qualified, more skilled, more knowledgeable. You spot all the imperfections in your business vision, your ideas, your plans, and your programmes. You compare yourself to others, placing them on a pedestal, and tell yourself that you’re not ready yet.

The trouble is, whilst you’re waiting for everything to be perfect, gathering more experience, adding more strings to your bow and “getting all your ducks in a row”, your more confident colleagues are busy being voted “Best PT”, being credited with being fitness business trail blazers, getting paid, seeing their big ideas coming to life, serving their clients  (maybe your clients!) and having that big impact. They are out there living their own version of the dream.

Yet they are no more “ready” than you are. They aren’t better than you or even more experienced than you. They are just getting on with it now. Jump in with both feet and play full out because you can’t have a big impact if you’re half-hearted. You’ll find out just how ready you are.

Give yourself permission to stand for something and to be a leader. Don’t wait to be asked. Don’t wait for external validation. Nobody is going to discover you until you’ve stepped boldly into that business owner position. You have to step into that spotlight and be prepared to shine brightly.

Confidence comes by doing – not by waiting.

6 – Rest, Recover and Re-Energise

When you start doing all of these things; stepping up, taking action, doing those things that scare you a little or a lot and doing those things you don’t feel ready for (even though you probably are ready) you’re going to be out of your comfort zone. . . a lot!

Now some people are more comfortable with that than others – they thrive on adrenalin – but this isn’t necessarily the key to long term or even short term success.  You don’t have to be an adrenalin junkie to achieve Fitness Business Impact.

You also need to make time for doing activities that feel safe, easy, restful, energising. You need to monitor and look after yourself. Acknowledge your progress and the steps you’ve taken. Driving at 100mph isn’t necessary and it usually leads to burn out.

7 – Build an Inspiring Network and Inspire Others

You can’t underestimate the power of your network; those people around you and the difference this makes to you and your degree of success. Find opportunities to surround yourself with people who inspire, motivate and support you.

At the same time, no matter where you are on your own business journey, be an inspiration to others. I don’t just mean to your clients but to your fitness colleagues, other trainers. Let them know that they can do it too. Let them know how brilliant they are. Invite them into taking greater action. When you experience success, share it with others. There’s too much secrecy.

The idea that if you share something, you lose something. The idea that because you struggled, others have to struggle too. Instead share your resources, ideas and strategies. Have a bit more of the abundance mentality which is simply the mindset that believes there is enough for everyone.

It pays back in huge and often unexpected ways.

8 – Don’t Get Addicted to Plasters

If you’re always looking for the sticking plasters, i.e. the quick fixes for your business, you’ll never become a big impact fitness business. The problem with sticking plasters is they never solve the real problem even if they solve an immediate problem. It is a temporary solution and rarely deals with the root cause.

The same goes for seeking out that silver bullet, the magic wand which presumes that there is one thing you’re missing and once you find it everything will work – like magic. Remember that magic is illusion.

Every business needs to go through the process of foundation building, sooner or later, especially if you want to have fitness business impact. You need to give it the full operation so that it has the right elements in place to enable it to grow and thrive.

9 – Start From Where You Are With What You’ve Got and Value All That You Are

You know how it is when you’re at that stage in your business where you want to grow faster than you are, be bigger than you are, earn more than you are and you want to do it now! (This is especially true when you’re just starting out as a PT but it can be equally true for you if you’ve been a trainer for some time and you’re finding it an uphill struggle to get clients and generate enough income. It is equally relevant for trainers who have a busy diary of clients taking up every spare minute of your week leaving you no time, energy or room to grow your business.

I remember trying to do things that didn’t work out and I remember how I would beat myself up sometimes for not doing things better or faster. It can be overwhelming thinking about all the stuff that needs to be done to get your business where you want it to be. I should know all this already – everyone else seems to know what they’re doing – why can’t I do it? I should be further along by now. I should have more clients by now. I should be making more money by now.

Comparison’s a real killer too – you look at other PTs and you think that life is great for them and you just feel worse about where you are.

The big problem with this negative self-talk is that it creates negative energy and resistance which does nothing for your business. It’s like fighting yourself, fighting who you are and what you’re doing and where you are right now.

When you stop feeling so bad or frustrated with where you are or with who you are – and instead accept where you are, accept who you are and be at peace with it – then you relax, the resistance melts away and you are able to focus on what needs to be done. I’m not talking about settling – I’m not talking about taking away the passion and drive and motivation to achieve and succeed but you are who you are and you are where you are and that is your starting point – be OK with that.

You might have ambitions to create a 6 figure or a 7 figure business but you don’t go from zero to a million over night. An impact business has to go through stages – it needs the right foundations in place to be able to support the kind of impact you want to have.

10 – Dare to Be Different and Have Fun

Whilst there are principles that apply to just about every successful business, there is also a lot of flexibility around the kind of business you create and how you approach it. There’s a difference between principles that hold true over time and traditions or norms that are simply the way things have been done before or are done by the majority today. Ignore principles at your peril but break with traditions and norms and you might just find the right path for you.

This couldn’t be more relevant than it is within the fitness profession where old habits die hard when it comes to business models, marketing and sales. If you want to do things differently, then do it!

It’s so important that you not only create a business that works for you but that you find a way of developing and doing business that suits you. There has to be a balance between pushing yourself to do new things and maintaining that sense of fun and enjoyment. When you remove the fun, you usually remove the motivation so that things don’t get done, they don’t work, they don’t happen.


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