For Personal Trainers Who Are Ready To Play A Bigger Game And Build A Big Impact Fitness Business


Why Fitness Business Impact?

When you say Yes to Fitness Business Impact you’re saying Yes to a business:


  • That stands firm and stands out in the health and fitness market,
  • That allows you to do what you love and what you’re brilliant and best at,
  • That has a big impact on the lives of the people it serves,
  • That has the ability to reach more people than you would by just filling your diary with 1-1 clients,
  • That attracts clients easily and consistently and attracts the right clients for you,
  • That has no ceiling on the income it can generate,
  • That has built in freedom and flexibility so that you have time for all the other things that matter in your life so that you can live a big life too

If this appeals to you, then read on.


These are some of the reasons that past clients have chosen to join the 90 Days Bootcamp


They knew it was time to stop struggling and guessing

“I’m working really hard to get clients, it feels like a constant uphill battle”

“I’m tired of working with clients who don’t really value what I offer…who are only interested in negotiating the cheapest rate possible”

“There are so many things I think I should be doing but I don’t know what to do first. I need a plan!”

“I’m fed up of faffing around…I just want to knuckle down and get things done.”


They knew it was time to step up and felt ready to play a bigger game

“I’ve opened up my studio but the costs are catching up with me. It’s time to get serious and make it work.”

“I’m ready to build a business instead of just training a few clients.”

“I’ve been holding myself back from doing the things I really want to do as a fitness professional because I wasn’t
sure whether I could do them or how I’d do them but I’m ready to do it with the right support.”

“I want to grow my income and serve more clients but I don’t know how to do that when I’m already booked up with clients.”

“What I’m doing now is okay but I feel like I want to do something more; something that really gets noticed.”

“I feel really limited by doing 1-1 training. I want to do something else that gets me in front of more people.”

When you implement this system your biggest doubts melt away and you no longer feel guilty about charging what you’re really worth for what you do. You become more confident and grounded. No more flitting from one thing to the next because of your uncertainty about what’s right for your business. No more worries about whether you can generate the income you need and want doing what you do. No more confusion about direction and definitely no more questioning whether your decision to join this profession was the right one or not. You’ll know for sure that it is!

Building up your business can feel like a struggle sometimes I know. But the best thing about this system is that once you get the ball rolling, your business gains momentum and instead of baby steps, it starts to grow in leaps and bounds.

The Fitness Business Impact Bootcamp Programme

This is a unique programme designed specifically for personal trainers and fitness coaches, delivered via a combination of written, audio and teaching video materials PLUS Live support to assist with implementation because this 90 Days is about getting things done! Information is great but implementation is everything and so I provide you with regular opportunities to
get your questions answered so that you can take the actions you need to take with relative ease.

Part Practical Training covering the core elements required to reach your Best Busy and lay the foundations for a big impact business including business vision, impact point, offers and packages, marketing and communication, selling and enrolment, systems and infrastructure.

Part Inner Work to help you overcome fears and procrastination, and create the clarity and focus around your big impact vision.

Part Supportive Community of bold, creative, visionary, personal trainers ready to support each other in achieving fitness business impact.

The Fitness Business Impact Bootcamp Is For You If:
  • You’re an ambitious starter, just beginning your business journey and you want to set your business up for big impact right from the start
  • You’re inconsistently busy despite the effort your putting in and you want to achieve a more consistent income
  • You feel ready to grow your business but you’re not sure about the next right steps or where to start
  • You want to feel more in control of your business and reduce the muddle and confusion around what you do and what you offer.
  • You want to make a bigger difference doing what you do but you feel held back in some way – you know you’re not doing what you’re capable of yet
  • You sense that being part of a supportive community of like minded fitness professionals would help you to step up and have a bigger impact with your business

If you know you’ve been holding back, it’s okay. Most of us don’t achieve big things on our own, without any support. From my own business journey, and from my years of working with PTs in their journey to fitness business impact, I’ve learned that we need support as well as the tools and the training. We need a process to help us play a bigger game in our business.

The Fitness Business Impact System brings together the tools and strategies that have brought about the biggest transformations in myself, in my business and in the people I’ve worked with.

My aim is to share the most powerful and efficient practices that create real results; that allow you to achieve more than you would doing business as usual.

The Results – After 90 Days Of Fitness Business Impact Bootcamp You Can Expect To:
  • Have a new, Inspiring & Clear Direction and Focus for your business
  • Feel more confident in your business
  • Have the confidence to keep pushing forwards with your business in the knowledge that you are building the right business for you
  • Have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that success does not mean having to sacrifice the lifestyle you want or sacrifice precious time with family and loved ones
  • Be on your way to getting Best Busy with the clients and income you need whilst still leaving time and space for growth and for the other things that matter to you
  • Develop total certainty that you are ready and able to help and make a big difference to those clients you were meant to serve
  • Know where to find your ideal clients know how to talk about what you do in ways that grab and hold the attention of your ideal clients
  • Overcome shyness and reluctance to promoting yourself and instead you’ll be shouting your message from the roof tops as you become the Go To person in your market
  • Stop wasting any more money on courses, strategies or tools that you don’t need, don’t work or that you simply aren’t ready to use yet
  • Set up the foundations and tools for attracting a steady flow of ideal clients into your business
  • Have the tools, words and processes for actually enroling clients on to your programmes in ways that feel great (not pushy or sales-y)
  • Stand out from your colleagues and create your own unique place in the health and fitness market
  • Have the basis of a business that can have a far bigger impact than you ever thought possible as a PT
  • Have an incredible circle of PT colleagues who will support you and cheer you on as you continue your journey
Here’s What PTs Are Saying:
“5 years of going around in circles with my half arsed PT business then I stumbled across Yvette. In 12 weeks Yvette took me from the foggy indecisiveness of average, to clarity and a focused business that I am passionate about. I went from following other trainers, training anyone and everyone and getting nowhere because it was not the real me, to being absolutely clear about who and how I want to train people. I am now completely comfortable with what I do and my business now appeals to the right people – my ideal client.

Yvette could tell I was struggling deciding on my niche-market and the result was a 15 minute conversation that has literally transformed my outlook and what has happened in the months since.

In a nutshell… the niche-market module on its own is worth a grand, this alone has made all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, and since that sticking point the rest has been a breeze.

I am very grateful for this. Thanks Yvette.”

Nico Valla


“”Wow! This has been an amazing programme. It’s brought together all the things I’ve read that I “should” and “could” be doing to grow my business and given me the tools I need to work out what’s right for me and move forward in a direction I actually want to go in. I’ve been scratching my head over this stuff for more than a year and it feels so good to finally start getting to grips with it.

Throughout the Bootcamp I felt completely supported and motivated, especially when something came up that I found tough. Yvette actually cares about my business and always seemed to be willing to give that bit extra so that I could make it work for me.

The Bootcamp will change the way you think about your business and open up a whole new world where you can earn what you want to earn AND do the job you love. It’s been worth the investment and I’ve valued it so much that I’m continuing to work with Yvette on a one-to-one basis.

Find a way to do this programme. When I signed up, I wasn’t sure how I’d get the money but I did it and it was worth every penny.”

Sara Stafford-Williams


“I had aspirations of turning a part-time personal training venture into a full time business; but wondered how this could be achieved?

I needed help!

I had heard of Yvette Nevrkla and the PT Business Gym, and fortunately came across details of a boot camp she was about to launch. I signed up virtually right away.  The boot camp was awesome.  I now have solid business foundations in place from which to build my Personal Training business venture. The core principles, techniques and strategies covered in the boot camp are essential to learn, develop and implement into any business; with these in place now I feel really confident of success.

I was so motivated, inspired and learnt so much from the boot camp, that I have extended my coaching program with Yvette to further my business journey.”

Michael F. Horton


“90 Days ago I can say, hand on heart, I didn’t have clue. I now have a base to start and I’m ready to get out there and start building.

The 90 Days Bootcamp has changed my mindset and I’ve learned so much. I was stuck in a rut and now I’m ready to move forwards with my website, I’m writing my first articles and I’m working with my first client in my new niche market. Having Yvette there has really helped to keep me on track. Yvette, what I really like is that you’ve been there and worn the t-shirt. You understand what it’s like and you walk the talk. You have really opened my eyes. Thank you.”

Tony Taylor


“I had spent thousands of pounds on my marketing, advertising, leaflets, banners, tradecards and my website but I just wasn’t getting the consistent flow of clients I had expected. I was at a crossroads and I urgently needed a solution to the obstacles and challenges I was facing.

The 90 Days Bootcamp is purely and simply of priceless value to all personal trainers wanting a magic wand to transform their services into a successful, profitable business.

I underestimated how challenging this bootcamp would be but it has been energising and has reignited my belief that I can build a successful business. The information is priceless and way beyond what I ever expected.

Now I know why you’re the No1 PT Business Coach.

Sound, inspiring and motivational advice. Thanks Yvette.”

Michael Simpson
The Fitness Business Impact System In A Nutshell

The Fitness Business Impact System looks like this in a nutshell:

1. Develop Your Business Impact Vision And Plan

Get clear on what you REALLY want for your business and for your life so that you can have the FOCUS you need with your energy, your time and your money and make effective choices and decisions as you navigate your business journey.

2. Discover and Define Your Impact Point

This is THE most powerful and essential step you need to take in order to have a big impact through your PT business. This is where you’ll identify your perfect niche; one that allows you to do what you’re brilliant and best at and to define the real transformation you give your clients. You’ll also uncover your target market and your ideal clients so that you can reach out to and attract exactly the right people.

3.  Develop Your Impact System

Take what you do with your clients, pull it apart and put it back together as a unique and tangible system so that your ideal clients really “get” it and can’t wait to buy it.

4. Craft Your Powerful Impact Message

In preparation for your marketing you’re going to create your Powerful Impact Message which you can then translate into a whole variety of tools and strategies for getting known for what you do.

5. Create Your Business Brand

Develop a brand for your business that you can apply consistently throughout your business. Your brand is more than a name and a logo. It’s like your true North – your guiding star – your brand is one of the constant features of your business and influences who you attract to your business.

6. Design Your Impact Offers

Work out the different ways your clients will access your system by creating a variety of packages and products that your clients really want along with a pricing structure that truly reflects the value (get paid by value rather than by the hour)

7. Develop Your Marketing Impact

Learn how to reach and connect with your ideal clients, choose marketing strategies that work best for you, your business and your clients, and build a 5 star community of people who love what you do and want to buy what you have to offer.

8. Master Your Sales Impact

Master the core skills for non-sales-y and non-pushy selling and for successfully enroling clients onto your various programmes.

9. Build Your Impact Business Infrastructure

A PT business with big impact needs some key pieces to be in place in order for it to operate smoothly and effectively. Once you’ve addressed areas 1-6 you’re ready to start building your infrastructure and turning your business concept into something very real and very tangible.

10. Develop Your Business Impact Mindset

Behind every successful business owner is a winning mindset so you’ll be working on your to make sure that it’s not you or your thinking that is going to hold you back from achieving what you really want.

And After the 90 Days…

You get to keep all of the materials so you can continue to work on your business and refine these core elements in your business. Remember it’s a journey and a process so you’ll likely want to revisit the steps in the programme over time as you grow your business.

You also have the option to remain in the PT Business Success Club so that you can continue getting live support and answers to your most pressing questions on your journey towards creating your big impact fitness business.

This is not a quick fix – this is about building the foundations for a healthy future for you and your business so that you can have real impact on the world doing what you do best.

Here’s How It Works:

The Fitness Business Impact Bootcamp is entirely virtual: delivered via written, online formats and web or Skype calls so you can access this programme from anywhere in the world and in a way that fits around your busy schedule.

  • A Three Month Journey with 12 power-packed modules.
    Each week you’ll get a module uploaded to your own private online work area. This module is delivered as a written training manual (downloadable pdf for your convenience)
  • A full set of implementation exercises and actions for each module of the programme
    You will have very clear steps to complete so you can get really focused. No more feeling guilty or overwhelmed about all the other “stuff” on your business ‘To Do’ list.
  • Interactive calls with Yvette each month.
    You will get 90 days free access to the PT Business Impact Success Club which means you get invited to two group mastermind calls with me each month over the 90 days. This is where you get my direct support with the steps in the programme. You can ask me ANYTHING you need to ask to help you get the work done.
  • A copy of Free PT Sessions That Sell client Enrolment System because mastering your sales conversations is an essential skill for your success
  • A Private Facebook group where other PTs building big impact businesses are hanging out so you can share ideas and get support from like-minded individuals.

To invest in The Fitness Business Impact 90 Days Programme the price is £497



My 30 Day 100% Risk Free Guarantee

I understand that even when a programme makes perfect sense for you to invest in,  and even though a part of you feels really excited about where you could be if you had the right support and the right process to follow, there may be a part of you that is letting the doubts creep in with worries about whether it’s right for you, whether it will work for you. I understand that and I am so confident that once you join this programme and experience what it’s like to work on your business in this way, you’ll love it. And if after the first 30 days on the programme  you aren’t happy and you don’t see that this is exactly what you need to build the business you want, simply let me know and I will give you a full refund. This means you can try out my Fitness Business Impact 90 Day Bootcamp programme completely Risk Free. I can’t make it any easier for you than that.

This investment might be an easy decision for you or it might feel uncomfortable. If it feels uncomfortable and you’re hesitating, that’s not a bad thing because it means you are stretching beyond your comfort zone. That’s exactly what needs to happen for you to grow and for things to change. I want to make it clear that it will be one of the best investments you make in your business this year. It isn’t simply about taking your business up a level or about showing you how to get some more clients or make more money, although it will do all of those things. It’s about taking you to a whole new playing field. By the end of this programme you’ll be playing a completely different game when it comes to your PT business and that’s what this programme is all about.

I’m not saying it’s a walk in the park but making Big Leaps in your business is very possible. I see them happening all the time with my clients and with my colleagues too. It doesn’t matter where you are now, it is possible for you to bring about a big step change in your business.  It doesn’t have to be slow or take years to create. It’s up to you though – it does depend on what you do.

It’s not magic. There is a step by step formula to follow and if you apply and implement the steps you will get there.


Why Listen To Me?

If you want to know more about me and my journey to where I am today….let me introduce myself to you properly.

My special talent (and we all have one :-)) is to see, and help you to see, the opportunity and potential to turn your ideas and dreams into a workable multiple income stream business with bigger impact. I see it in an instant and once I show you what that looks like, what you have is a new level of focus and confidence so that you can really go for what you want and do what needs to be done. The thing that helps me to do that with you is the system I’ve personally developed – The Fitness Business Impact System.

I’ve been where you are and it wasn’t so long ago. I know exactly what it feels like to be starting out on your own, with a desire to build a business that makes a difference, to be independent and in control of your income and your hours but no real idea about how to get started or what to do first.  It’s exciting but it’s also scary and overwhelming too.

Here’s where my story might differ from ones you’ve come across before. I didn’t spend years struggling and I didn’t hit rock bottom before I found success with my business. In a way, “rock bottom” for me had already happened for me and that was doing a job, doing something that actually wasn’t the best use of my skills, that meant I was away from my daughter every day and racing between childminder and work and not feeling great about what I was doing. Success in my business was so important to me that I made the decision upon completing my coach training to invest in a high-end business coaching and mentoring programme to get the support and develop the skills and knowledge I knew I needed if I was serious about getting my business generating income fast.

Since that point I’ve continued to invest in a big way in developing and mastering the skills you need to build a big impact business – one that makes a big difference to as many people as I can possibly reach and one that makes a difference in my own life too, allowing me to live and work in ways that are rewarding for me.

I had to do things differently.

Conventional wisdom says start slow, take your time to work out your niche, begin with low fees and increase them slowly, network like crazy. But I couldn’t afford to start slow. I didn’t want to start with low fees and I didn’t especially enjoy going to lots of networking events. I chose to do things differently. I figured that if you want to see results quickly, then you have to be bold and courageous in your actions. You need to start as you mean to continue.

I needed to get what I now refer to as “Best Busy”  Instead of charging a low price for my coaching at the start as most people do, I designed my packages so that I wasn’t charging or selling coaching by the hour (though my first hourly rate was high) and this meant I could limit the number of 1-1 clients I worked with so it didn’t take over my time. I still had plenty of time for business development and of course my family.

I stuck to my ideal working schedule which had to fit around my children and I focused on laying and strengthening the foundations for the kind of business I really wanted – my own version of the perfect business.

The result – I started attracting exactly the right clients for me and I didn’t need too many of them to have a profitable business. I had an income that was growing year on year despite the recession and I was still working part time hours that fitted around my family.

I’m still on my business journey. My business still has loads of opportunity for growth and that’s the beauty of the Fitness Business Impact approach to building a business. It’s that endless opportunity and potential for growth and for doing new and exciting things with and through your business.

There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision 8 years ago to start my own business.

There isn’t just one way to build a fitness business and there are so many ways to have an impact through doing what you do. However, there is a process that makes achieving what you want possible. That gets you and your business ready for having the impact you want to have in the way you want to have it.

What Could You Achieve If You Had The Right Support?

Whilst you are likely surrounded by wonderful and supportive people in your life, when it comes to building and growing a fitness business, sometimes you need a different kind of support. Many PTs find that they need to be connected with other people like them, who are on a similar journey, who are thinking big and stepping up. You need to be around people who won’t judge or criticise what you’re doing, especially in those early stages when both you and your business feel fragile.

One of the really important aspects of my role as ‘Coach’ is to help you to hold on to your vision when it gets challenging, when that annoying voice of doubt and fear gets a little loud! And  this, together with being connected with like-minded PTs can make the difference between going off track or staying on it; between business as usual and Fitness Business Impact.

When your desire is to have a big impact you need to be surrounded by people who share that desire rather than people who are doubters, complainers or skeptics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I’m not sure I have the time to do this…

I know how busy the daily schedule can be. I understand how precious your time is. Once time is spent there’s no getting it back. But that makes doing this programme all the more important because investing your time getting the foundations in place for your business will save you mountains of time in the long run. These foundations make lighter work of things like your marketing and ensures that you can make the most effective use of the time that you do have. And building your foundations on this programme with me will save you masses of time because I’m here to short cut the process for you and help you to take these steps in the quickest way I know how.

Ideally you will want to spend 2-3 hours each week working on your business instead of in it for the 90 Days of the programme. The programme is all delivered online which means there is flexibility around when you do the work. You really can fit it in around your other commitments and if achieving fitness business impact is important to you then you’ll make the time for giving your business the attention it deserves.

If you try to work this all out yourself and get this stuff right on your own, it could take you years. Can you afford to wait that long?

Sticking a plaster over a business problem takes seconds. Performing the operation which will solve the problems and create the business you want – well that takes more time but it is time very well spent. It will make a massive difference to you in the longer term.

I know you’ll be working your socks off!  But it will feel great because I’ve made it easy for you by breaking it down into simple, manageable steps so that you get things done quickly.

Q:  I’m not sure if online learning would work for me

This is a good question but I’ve always found that clients were pleasantly surprised at how easy, convenient and inspiring the online format of this programme is. The combination of written, audio and visual materials along with the live interaction with me as your coach means that you can find a way to digest the materials and action the steps in a format that suits you and your style.

Q:  Is this programme suited to PTs who are working in gyms and health clubs?

Yes, if your aspiration is to do more as a PT and build up a business that has big impact, then the content in the programme will help you work towards that as well as helping you to get more out of working in your current environment. Obviously being tied to a gym with some kind of contract may bring with it some limitations to what you can and can’t do but I’ve had many PTs on this programme who were able to generate more clients and income as a result and many who were able to move on from the gym to setting up their own studio or training business.

Q: “I’m sure if I sat down for a week I could plan a way to do everything you’ve outlined in this bootcamp. Why would I pay for it?”

But you haven’t!  All the information and answers are out there in bits and pieces but the reality is that you haven’t done it. And it takes time to discover it all by yourself. Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t need to? In this Bootcamp I’m going to help you do in 90 days what it has taken me much longer to do and takes many others a whole lot longer than that. What I cover in this programme is a distillation of 7 years of learning, experience, trial and error not just from my own journey but learning from many mentors and business coaches who’ve supported me along the way.  Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, you can do this quickly and benefit from my experience so that you can avoid the pitfalls and launch the business you want.

I know how hard it can be to find the time to actually work on your business when there are so many other demands on your time. I also know how easy it is to become overwhelmed by the tasks and challenges which is why I’ve broken this programme down in the way I have, so that I can lead you through the process one small step at a time. I’m going to be holding your hand in a virtual way and helping you through the process in a very structured and focused way.

Q:  I feel a little unsure about the idea of a Big Impact Fitness Business

You’re not on your own. Lots of personal trainers have mixed feelings about the idea of having a bigger impact with their business. They express concerns about how much time it could take, about whether it will leave them with even less free time than they have now, about whether it will involve them doing things they really don’t like doing. You might even question whether bigger impact is better or necessary. Why can’t we keep it small?

There is no one version of fitness business impact. The very first part of the programme is about you defining for yourself what fitness business impact means for you because it is so important that the business you create is one you love and one that allows you to live a life that is rewarding and fulfilling for you. For you to have fitness business impact it must be on your terms and in a way that is aligned with your values. It doesn’t have to be about building an empire. For most it’s about having the positive impact you want doing what you love and are brilliant at.

Q:  I think I’m looking for more personal / 1-1 support with my business. Do you offer that?

Yes I do. You can opt to go Bootcamp VIP which includes a bank of 1-1 coaching hours with me so we can talk privately about your business. The Bootcamp does include the opportunity to talk to me directly about your business although these are group calls not private calls. Most clients get a lot of value from hearing the answers to questions raised by their colleagues. But if you know you prefer that one to one attention then the VIP option might suit you better. You can book in a call to discuss the VIP option with me via the form below this section.

Q: What if I sign up and then life gets super busy?

First, the materials are yours for life so, if something happens to interrupt your schedule, you can pick up the course whenever you feel ready to do so and get the full value of the programme.

Second, worrying about the trials and tribulations that life throws your way cannot be a reason to not go for your dreams. There will rarely, if ever, be a perfect time when everything is just right. That’s life. We all need to learn how to follow our desired path alongside the other stuff that comes in and out of our lives.

Q:  What if I don’t know what kind of business impact I want yet?

No need to worry. You’re not alone. The only thing that matters is that you have a desire to make a difference through doing what you do and through your business, even if you’re not sure what that difference will be right now. This is one of the areas that I’ve found many PTs need to spend time thinking about and defining and I have a process to help you to do that.

Q:  I honestly feel uncertain and apprehensive about signing up for this

Feeling a little scared is normal and people feel this way for a whole range of reasons. Maybe you’re thinking, Can I really do this? Will I fit in with the other PTs on the programme? Will it actually work for me? Who am I to think that I can have a big impact? Why, when I hear of so many PTs struggling do I think I can succeed?

What’s happening here is that the part of you that likes the safe and familiar is worried because it knows that doing this programme is going to move you onto a bigger stage; one where you will stand out and stand in your spotlight, where you’ll be getting noticed, where you’ll be saying “Here’s what I do and I’m brilliant at it!” That’s uncomfortable and so that little voice will be working overtime trying to keep you playing a smaller game.

The important thing if you want to achieve fitness business impact, is to not allow that part of you that feels fearful to rule your decisions, to decide your future. Instead you need to honour that part of you that holds the vision, the passion and desire to do something bigger.

To invest in The Fitness Business Impact 90 Days Programme the price is £497



Want To Talk?


Still have questions about the 90 Days Bootcamp or want to find out about going Bootcamp VIP then book a call with me and we’ll have a conversation to work out the best option for you.




“For years I’ve either been too busy and exhausted or gone through long periods of being really quiet. When I invested in the PT business Bootcamp I had just moved into a new house in central London, my bills were really high and half my clients went on holiday at the same time!! I panicked and was really stressed about where my next pay cheque was coming from. I knew something needed to change.

This is when I found Yvette’s course and I’ve loved every minute of it. In fact after one of the steps I managed to attract over 50 clients! The principals of this course really work and Yvette is a fantastic coach. She was supportive the whole way through and goes out of her way to help.

I sold out 2 bootcamps in 3 hours and made £1800!

I feel so much more confident about my business and myself- thank you Yvette!! You are a lifesaver!

If you feel lost and worried the that you can’t keep going the way you are going- do this course!”

Nikkita Hope-Brown


Sometimes you need to make decisions from your destination rather than from your current situation


“I want to thank Yvette for the recent PT Business Boot Camp, which I’ve just completed. In terms of good investments I have made so far in my business, this is right up there, definitely in the top two! Initially, I didn’t really know what to expect and if I am honest, I was a little apprehensive, after all, there were no guarantees & financially, for me, this was a huge risk. But even after the very first week on the boot camp, I realised there and then I had made the right decision.

Yvette took us through in great detail, over 12 weeks, how to create the foundations for your fitness business. We had weekly homework, which was thought provoking, engaging, challenging but great fun all at the same time. It was also great to be able to connect with other like minded fitness professionals and realise that I was not the only person out there struggling to make things work.

I seriously doubt whether I would ever have been able to figure all the things I learnt on the boot camp by myself. Now, I have a serious plan of action which I am working through each day. I know the people I want to serve, what they want from me, and how I can best deliver it to them.  Anyone, thinking of taking part in Yvette’s boot camp & still having doubts, I have three words for you……JUST DO IT!!” – Bevis Allen, CEO, Bevis Allen – Fitness Coach Limited

Bevis Allen, CEO, Bevis Allen - Fitness Coach Limited


You have a choice – What will you do?


You have a choice. Either you choose to do nothing and stay as you are whether that is comfortable or not for you right now. Or you can take a gutsy step, make a commitment to the future and take that next step with me.

Whatever you decide, I want you to know that I’m here, cheering you on. I know you are there for your clients and I’m here for you. Your clients need you to be successful with your business because otherwise you won’t be around long enough to help them.


To Your Success!

Yours sincerely,



P.S. Remember, You have a full 30 days on the programme to decide whether it’s worth the investment of your time and money. If not, you just ask for a refund. If it is, then you’ll be glad that you took the leap and jumped on board.


Fitness Business Impact 90 Day Bootcamp £497



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“90 Days ago my whole mindset was in a different place. I wasn’t thinking like a business owner. I knew I was ready to move away from my day job but I had no idea how I was going to do that.

This Bootcamp has been one of the best, if not the best investment I’ve ever made because it has allowed me to follow my dreams which I didn’t think was possible before doing this program.  Without the calls with Yvette each week and the guidance she provided and the structure of the Bootcamp, I would not have been able to prioritise and focus on the important decisions for my dance business.

This programme has given me the confidence and the steps to keep ploughing on in the right direction and each step has been immensely rewarding. I’m astounded by how far I’ve come in only 90 Days and it gives me goosebumps and the biggest smile ever!

The Bootcamp has surpassed my expectations and I’ve now got a clear plan of the next steps I need to take plus the feelings of empowerment, energy and drive. I’ve got real momentum and I’m not about to slow down because I know that exciting times lie ahead for me following this Bootcamp. Thank You Yvette.”

Irem Luqman



“Wow! This has been an amazing programme. It’s brought together all the things I’ve read that I “should” and “could” be doing to grow my business and given me the tools I need to work out what’s right for me and move forward in a direction I actually want to go in. I’ve been scratching my head over this stuff for more than a year and it feels so good to finally start getting to grips with it.

Throughout the PT Business Bootcamp I felt completely supported and motivated, especially when something came up that I found tough. Yvette actually cares about my business and always seemed to be willing to give that bit extra so that I could make it work for me.

The Bootcamp will change the way you think about your business and open up a whole new world where you can earn what you want to earn AND do the job you love. It’s been worth the investment and I’ve valued it so much that I’m continuing to work with Yvette on a one-to-one basis.

Find a way to do this programme. When I signed up, I wasn’t sure how I’d get the money but I did it and it was worth every penny.”

Sara Stafford-Williams,


“Before doing the 90 Days Bootcamp I was doing lots of training and feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start or how to move forwards with my business. This program has given me the tools and clear steps I need to take to start my business and the basic foundations which are invaluable and can be used time and again in the future as my business grows.”
Kerry Madgwick


“Since working with Yvette my business has come on far more than it would ever have done had I tried to do it on my own. I would still be going round in circles. I love the business models and strategies that Yvette teaches which I can apply to my own business easily without having to reinvent the wheel so to speak. This programme has helped me in so many ways but first and foremost it has given me a logical structure and process to follow…it has challenged my thinking and got me to think differently about the business I want to build.

One of the things Yvette does really well is to clearly articulate the pitfalls and as a new PT I know this will save me a lot of time and headaches being able to avoid the mistakes that others have made. Working with Yvette has made me focused, excited about the journey and, most importantly, inspired me to take massive action. I will definitely continue to work with Yvette to build a monster of a PT business.”

Dave Austin


“Last year I had signed up for a full range of training courses (Gym Instructor, Personal Training, Pilates etc) without any real plan for what I was going to do with the qualifications, this felt comfortable and safe and I thought to myself I can think about the goals and plans at a later date!

Since I have started working with Yvette on her programme, my mindset has changed and it has allowed me to realise that my lack of plans were down to fear of making plans which equaled CHANGE! I have now made massive progress with my transition into the fitness industry and am planning the business I want.

I now feel determined, focused and confident about my plans and the future and know there are people out there that I can work with and that want to help me. I’m not on my own!

Thank you Yvette for all your help so far.”

Claire Johnson


Fitness Business Impact 90 Day Bootcamp £497


“Before I signed up for Yvette’s 90 Day Bootcamp there was not a lot happening in my business. I didn’t know how to attract the right kind of clients, I was unsure of the programmes to develop and couldn’t promote anything as I had nobody to promote anything to. I was struggling to get anywhere.

I signed up for the bootcamp because I was looking for direction and motivation as well as advice as to how to be a business owner rather than just a personal trainer. This is exactly what the bootcamp has given me.

I now understand exactly why I was struggling so much, why my website wasn’t working and I’m amazed at how much I’ve achieved in just those 90 days.

The bootcamp was hard work but I could see the value of everything we were doing and I was finally able to make some important decisions for my business that I hadn’t been able to make before.

I now know exactly who my ideal clients are, where to find them and how to attract them. I’ve got lots to do now but I know exactly what that is and what actions I need to take. I feel really excited about what the future holds for my business again.”

Libby Edmonstone


“When I started the bootcamp I was doing what the majority of personal trainers are doing, working most days of the week at all hours trying to fill my appointment bookings up as much possible. I was taking on clients with differing goals, with the only aim to generate as many clients with little or no thought attached to what or I how I was going about it. One of the major challenges I had was ensuring I had a steady stream of enquiries to follow up each month and then to convert them into paying clients. However with the varying goals both within and but also outside of my previous experiences I ended up spending additional resources and time on learning and researching aspects and specific requirements for session preparation. This meant I had very little free time outside of actually taking the sessions.

From the position I was in before starting the bootcamp, the course content and help and support provided has really helped me to look and approach my business from a different position that, although I had in mind, I had no idea as to how to put that into place. The steps provided made it clear and easy to understand the reasons behind each step as well as how to implement them.

It was great to finally be putting processes in place to build a business strategy around what I want to do, while allowing me more freedom. Although I am still in the early phases of putting all the information into action, I believe it will have a massive impact on my business revenue and I look forward to seeing how I can develop my business further in the future thanks to the help and guidance provided in this bootcamp.”

Rob Smith


“Business was slow, but I was always happy with that, until Autumn last year when I decided I wanted to make something more of myself and my business. I was looking to become an expert and define a target market. You came along at a time where I was unsure of where to start building my business. At that time I was unsure of how and where to start and if I would be able to pull it off all alone. I was at the very early stages of my business building, I had never before tried.

Yes it did. I was hoping to get the tools and structure to do things in the right order. And maybe get some extra bonus tips along the way. like ideas for article writing.

I have learned EVERYTHING we have been through each week, which has resulted in becoming ready to start taking action. Besides that the biggest thing I will take away is that I should not wait until everything is perfect, I should just throw myself out there.

I have now come to the mindset that I WILL do this and become successful. I WILL deal with any obstacles that come my way.”

Helle Bachofen von Echt's


“When I first started the bootcamp, I was part of a franchise, relying on them to get me clients and just didn’t know what to do next or how to get clients myself.

The bootcamp has more than lived up to my expectations. I guess none of it is rocket science, but it’s good to hear the other issues that people have had and also have the homework modules to continue to work on.

In 90 days I’ve got clear on my big goal for my business, I’ve defined my target audience and my powerful marketing message so I’m ready to develop my website and lead page. I’ve written my first article, I’ve started compiling my client database, I’ve sent out my first email campaign, I know exactly how to develop my expertise to best help my target clients.

The bootcamp with Yvette has really made me think of all the steps I need to take and when to do them. Having access to the materials online and the bootcamp forum is excellent to share your anxieties with others on the group. There is some comfort in knowing that other people are having the same problem as you.

The homework Yvette sets is good to make you think and focus. Thank you Yvette for keeping me going and for pushing me to complete the homework.  I have not changed everything within my business at the moment, because I am still currently working part-time somewhere else, so time is a big factor for me at the moment. But I can see the benefit in all that Yvette has tasked us with and I will continue to go over my homework steps and re-evaluate it all to help me to continue to develop my business.”

Gillian Bailey, Gill's Health & Fitness Ltd