If you’ve absolutely had it with faffing around, had it with all the mixed up ideas and information going around in your head, had it with trying to get any real traction and momentum to grow your business, had it with wondering and fretting about where your next clients or next income will come from to pay this month’s bills then this could be the perfect solution for you.

Big Impact Day With Yvette

£2,000 Summer Sale £1,500

(This Day is also available as a Virtual Day via Skype)

This is an exclusive day where you get my undivided attention; my eyes, ears and mind on your business. You and I get to spend a very special day working together in central London. We’ll be brainstorming, sifting through your ideas and getting creative in order to achieve these 4 main outcomes:

  • Discover your Impact Point – this is about finding your perfect niche (a step that can be unbearably challenging to work through on your own) I’ll help you to identify the thing that you do brilliantly and best but don’t know it yet; the thing that you love, along with the tribe of people you are the very best person to help. Get this piece of the puzzle right and it changes everything!
  • Develop your Perfect Client Profile and your Powerful Self Introduction – to help you connect with exactly the right people, to stand out and get noticed so that you have an impact on the right people for your business.
  • Create your Impact System – the system you use to bring about the results and transformation for your clients time after time after time. This is also the key to making programme and product creation easy for you.
  • Develop your Impact Business Model so you know exactly what you’ll be offering to your market. This is where you get to see how you really can develop a business that goes beyond 1-1 to reach a much bigger audience and that generates clients and income 24/7!

Here’s What You Get

  • You’ll walk away with a crystal clear mind about the business you’re building –  A Fitness Business With Real Impact potential.
  • No more confusion about who your ideal clients are or where to find them and what to offer them. No more confusion about who to market to and how to market to them. We’ll nail your niche so your way forwards will be clear, making it much easier for you to take big action.
  • You’ll also be clear about how your business will generate clients and income, not only through 1-1 services but beyond that. If you have any doubts right now as to how you could create products and programmes that serve clients beyond 1-1, then this day will eliminate those, leaving you with the confidence that you have exactly what’s required to build an exciting and viable business doing what you do best.
  • Of course refreshments and a lovely lunch are all included in your day.
  • You also get a 1-1 follow up mentoring call with me after the VIP Day to help you continue the great work you achieved on our day.
Want to Be Sure This is Right for You?

If you have any questions at all about the Big Impact Day, please just ask! It’s important that you’re certain that it’s right for you so ask your questions and I’ll help you to make that decision for yourself.

Your Question(s)

If you’re interested or if you know this is just what you need right now, please drop me an email at with your contact details and we’ll schedule time to have a chat to make sure it’s right for you and look at the dates available in my diary for booking your Big Impact Day.



Discover Your Business Impact Online Mini Coaching Package

( £750 )

Discover Your Business Impact is a  mini package to help you get your niche nailed. It’s like a mini version of the Big Impact Day and it’s focused on that single business-critical element of discovering your Impact Point and getting your niche nailed. This means that I’ll help you to identify your perfect niche, your perfect clients and the real transformation you offer them. Getting clear on these things makes an enormous difference in your business and acts like a spring board for taking your business to the next level.

In this programme, I’ll take you through my process for identifying your Impact Point and your perfect niche and to help you do this you will get the following resources:

  • 2 x 1-1 private coaching calls with me, one at the start and one call approx 7-10 days later to make sure you’ve got it nailed.
  • Discover Your Business Impact Point Training Modules with exercises to help you get it right.

My system for discovering your business impact point and carving out a profitable niche for your business is tried and proven – I’ve helped many, many PTs and Fitness coaches to discover their Impact Point and find their ideal niche so that they could move forwards with their business, start attracting clients more easily and build a big impact business.

If you think this would be the option you need to help you to discover your own business impact point and get this nailed but you have some questions for me first, then please just ask!

Your Question(s)

If you know this is what you want, then email me at and I’ll contact you right away to arrange your first coaching call.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Much love,